This is a partial list of the sources I have used here. The column on the left contains the abbreviation by which I refer to the text (if any). The column on the far right contains whatever links I think might be helpful. Whenever possible, I try to use sources whose text is freely available on-line; I’ll link to it if I can.

If you have any recommendations for other works that might be interesting, challenging, or relevant, please let me know!

HCC   Lukacs, Georg. (1919-1923) History and Class Consciousness. Originally 1919-1923. Translated by Rodney Livingstone. Merlin Press, 1967   full text
T&W   Hill, Christopher. (2002) Thought and world: an austere portrayal of truth, reference, and semantic correspondence. Cambridge University Press    
TOCA   Habermas, Jurgen. (1981) The Theory of Communicative Action Translated by Thomas McCarthy. Boston: Beacon Press.   summary
TSOTS   Debord, Guy-Ernest. (1967) The Society of the Spectacle Originally 1919-1923. Black & Red.   full text

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