A change of strategy

I am finding that I am reading much faster than I am able to find the time to write here. This makes my original plan for this blog–to begin with a thorough, linear exegesis of various philosophical notes–very unpractical. Updates have been too slow to be any sign of progress.

So I think I will table that method for now.

A more realistic and interesting (for me) way to use this space is to actively work on some ideas that past readings have already inspired. I will attempt to apply the same amount of rigor to these problems, but my coverage of any particular work will be more sporadic, and I expect that for some time topics will appear disjointed. I may resort to using this space for notes; if I do so, I will make an effort to elaborate on them later, or incorporate them into some larger statement.

I think that this sort of work will likely hold my interest better, and maybe ultimately be of more use.

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