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A change of strategy

I am finding that I am reading much faster than I am able to find the time to write here. This makes my original plan for this blog–to begin with a thorough, linear exegesis of various philosophical notes–very unpractical. Updates have been too slow to be any sign of progress.

So I think I will table that method for now.

A more realistic and interesting (for me) way to use this space is to actively work on some ideas that past readings have already inspired. I will attempt to apply the same amount of rigor to these problems, but my coverage of any particular work will be more sporadic, and I expect that for some time topics will appear disjointed. I may resort to using this space for notes; if I do so, I will make an effort to elaborate on them later, or incorporate them into some larger statement.

I think that this sort of work will likely hold my interest better, and maybe ultimately be of more use.



I wrote too soon about Habermas and his use of Popper’s “third world”:

In what follows I shall no longer employ the Popperian terminology. My purpose in reviewing Jarvie’s action-theoretic translation of Popper’s three-world theory was only to prepare the way for the thesis that with the choice of a specific sociological concept of action we generally make specific “ontological” assumptions. (TOCA, 84-85)

So it is not clear at this point in the text what Habermas’s actual metaphysical commitments are. Later in this chapter, he provides a taxonomy of actions and is explicit about the ontological assumptions of each, and I would assume that Habermas is committed, at the very least, to the ontological assumptions of communicative action theories.

My guess is that the answer to the question of what it means for an expression to embody knowledge (DFN-EXP-EMBODY-KNOWLEDGE-?) lies within this more elaborate taxonomy.